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I am in love with the sellers creativity! Thanks for such lovely poem to my husband for his birthday. I will return.– United States

Quick delivery, great communication and truly wrote to the soul of the occasion.– United States

seller was patient and listened to my feedback. the poem was well written and a great gift for my partner’s 50 birthday– Singapore

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My name is ‘the hidden squirrel,’ and I am an established poet. The name ‘the hidden squirrel’ not only represents an animal but also symbolizes the innermost feelings that reside within every human heart, waiting to be expressed. Poetry serves as the vessel to bring forth those emotions, and through my words, I can assist you in conveying your emotions through poetry.

How can you obtain a poem?

  • Specify the emotions you desire the poem to evoke.
  • Provide information about the person for whom the poem is intended.
  • Share any special memories or qualities associated with that person.

I possess the expertise to compose poems tailored to various emotions, suitable for gifting to:

  1. Your girlfriend or boyfriend on their anniversary or birthday.
  2. Your coworkers.
  3. Your friends.
  4. Your relatives (although poems for them are not commonly sought).
  5. Your parents, and more.

P.S. Is your anniversary approaching? Make it extraordinary with the finest heartwarming poem for your partner.

I warmly welcome all types of poems 🙂

Thank you!

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Here is a format for your Customized Poem Query

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  • Subject – Anniversary Poem or Birthday Poem
  • Your Message – Hey, I want a poem for my parents anniversary. Their names are Heena and Heera. It is their 20th wedding anniversary and I want a customized poem for them.

Note- Pricing Details and Sample will be Provided on Mail.